Praise for The Spirit of Villarosa

“This wonderful book shows the love and admiration of a son for his father without concealing the occasional tensions in their relationship. The father, Horace Ashton, must have had one of the most interesting, action-packed lives of anyone on the planet in his day. This story brings to life the places he visited and the customs of the people he met, especially those of Haiti. The book also tells Marc “Butch” Ashton’s incredible story and provides enormous insight into Haiti during the more than half century he lived there. As a significant player in the Haitian private sector for so many years, his contribution was particularly valuable. This is a must-read for Haiti enthusiasts.”

– Robert C. Felder, Vice-Consul of the United States Embassy in Haiti (1966); Deputy Chief of Mission at the United States Embassy in Haiti (1990s); Ambassador of the United States of America to Benin, (1998–2000)

“Most Americans view Haiti as a mysterious place—exotic, dangerous for outsiders, American visitors, or ex-pats living there. Horace and Marc Ashton made their home there and discovered a country largely unknown to Westerners. Each contributed to the Haitian economy and culture for decades, despite trying times of brutal dictatorship, political unrest, violence, widespread destruction, and natural disasters. As economic conditions worsened and kidnapping for ransom became a
terrorist tactic worldwide, Marc underwent a harrowing experience. As a Latin Americanist and Graham Green aficionado, I find this novelistic story better than one Greene—author of the Haitian-based The Comedians—could have fictionalized. This true story is a great read.”

– Paul C. Clark, Ph.D., Latin American Scholar; Lieutenant Colonel, United States Army (Retired)