Introducing The Spirit of Villarosa

by Libby J Atwater

In 2003 a colleague asked me to write the story of noted 20th figure Horace Dade Ashton, a renaissance man, and his son Marc, the victim of a brutal kidnapping. Horace was no longer alive, but he tape recorded many of his amazing exploits before he died, and his sister detailed his celebrity in scrapbooks. Interviews with Marc revealed his close relationship with his father, but these did not tell the whole story.

Fast forward to 2014, when I began working directly with Marc Ashton, who filled out his story after having spent years revising the first manuscript. Our collaboration, along with help from his grand-niece Kerry Ashton, has produced a manuscript that reads like the world’s greatest adventure story. Yet it’s all true!

Please join us as we introduce The Spirit of Villarosa, a true life adventure filled with exciting exploits and renowned individuals who form the fabric of world history.

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